Oak Framed Timber Buildings

Oak Framed Buildings

Oak frames or even softwood frames can be made to order. The design, shape and size is entirely up-to-you. These frames can be adapted to carry a variety of roof coverings, i.e., clay pan tiles, slates, cedar shingles, the choice is entirely yours.

Oak Framed Car Port

Car Port

Impressive oak framed car port with garage/workshop area, covered with a slate roof. These buildings can be made to any size or shape and covered with your desired roof covering and cladding to the building.

Timber Car Port with Garage

Car Port with Garage

Stunning two bay Car Port with Garage. This characterful building is a must for any car enthusiast ! Gently sloping `godfathers` enhance the rustic look of this building. The materials used in this building are of an `green oak frame`, feather edge boarding to the walls and slating to the roof. Again with all of our buildings a variety of materials can be used.

Oak Frame

Beautiful oak frame Car Port, Log Store with Workshop behind. Clad with traditional feather edge and lined with a breathable membrane. The roof has been felt and battened. Finished with slate roofing.

Three Bay Timber Garage

Three Bay Garage

Unique oak framed three bay Garage. This spectacular garage would look good anywhere. Curved oak `godfathers` compliment the oak frame, with the addition of our `in house` made heavy duty doors give the building a sense of `security` for your treasured vehicles. This building again can be made to any size and height. Again a variety of cladding can be used.

Oak Frame Garden Room

Relaxing Oak Frame Garden Room. Hand morticed and tenoned oak frame. Enjoy the outdoors, but be protected from the prevailing weather. One end of this impressive building is open, the end gable is protected with toughened glass, so you can enjoy this building whatever the weather. The roof has been felt and battened and finished with slate.