From a simple fieldshelter, though to a complex block of stables, tack room, feed store etc. We can produce equestrian buildings to your own specification and design. All equestrian buildings are robust and heavy duty. Doors are fully ledged and braced with a treated ply lining. A wide variety of roof coverings can be employed.

Competition Complex

Wonderful equestrian complex with fenced yard area. This unique development conprises of Garage, 2no., Stables, 1no., Stable corner unit, Tackroom and Feedstore. Clad with treated Shiplap (ex 25mm), finished inside with 1/2" treated ply to eaves level, roofed in black Onduline with 1no., clear rooflight per stable. Doors are ledged and braced type, clad with treated Shiplap and lined with 1/2" treated ply. Door frames and doors are finished with galvanised chew strips and all associated ironmongery.

Stable Yard

Very impressive Stable Yard, comprising 2no., Stables, 1no., Stable Corner Unit and 1no., Tackroom. This unit is clad with treated Shiplap (ex 25mm), inside the buildings are 1/2" treated ply lined to eaves level. The roof covering is of Green Onduline with 1no., rooflight per stable unit. Doors are fully ledged and braced, clad with Shiplap and lined with 1/2" treated ply.