All the timber used for our framing is structurally graded and pressure treated. Cladding is either in Shiplap, Loglap, Western Red Cedar, Oak or Douglas Fir. Again, the same can be said for the roof coverings, a wide variety such as Black or Green Onduline, Felt Shingles, Felt Boarded Roof, Cedar Shingles, Box Profile Tin, Slate or Clay tiles.

Octagonal Summerhouse

Octagonal Summerhouses

An octagonal summerhouse offers an attractive and practical solution for the garden. Add character with thatched roof and georgian windows. Their octagonal shape means they can be positioned in a quiet corner or, alternatively as a focal point.

8' x 8' Corner Summerhouse

Corner Summerhouses

As its name suggests a corner summerhouse is ideal for positioning in an awkward corner of the garden. Sizes are variable to enable the ideal fit for each location and the intended application - recreational area, garden equipment storage or a secluded garden workshop.

Chalet summerhouse with Verandah 10' x 8' Loglap

Chalet Summerhouses

Harris Timber are able to offer a wide range of timber chalet buildings to allow maximum use of sunny days. Although there is a standard chalet summerhouse the size, design and construction can be amended to give the customer maximum flexibility within a specified budget.

Chalet Summerhouse with Decking

Chalet Summerhouse with Decking

Red Cedar Summerhouse

Emperor Summerhouse

As an alternative to Scandinavian redwood, summerhouses can be constructed with western red cedar. For this option, please add 60% to the quoted prices.

Pentagonal Summerhouse

Optional Extras

As we construct buildings to order, just about everything is possible; contact us to discuss your requirement.