Our Range of Lean-to Redwood Joinery Greenhouses


10’ x 6’ Redwood Joinery Greenhouse, positioned on a weathered brick wall


8’ x 6’ Redwood Joinery Lean-to Greenhouse


14’ x 6’ Redwood Joinery attached to New Garage


10’ x 6’ Redwood Joinery Greenhouse attached to Victorian wall

Lean-to Redwood Joinery Greenhouses - Buy Direct From Harris Timber Products

Our lean-to redwood joinery greenhouses feature...


Hand glazed with 4mm float glass, which will be sat on butyl rubber and sealed with a clear silicone


The main frame will consist of 3” x 2” Redwood Joinery. Lead flashing to existing wall or structure is included


Hand glazed with 4mm float glass, sat on butyl rubber and finished with a clear silicone


Doors will consist of a single half glazed door


Windows will be top hung, side opening. Gas operated roof vents


Glazing to the floor. 4mm Toughened glass. Ex 25mm x 125mm treated Shiplap cladding below glazing. Additional doors. Concrete base and brickwork. Painted with Thorndown Wood paints (a colour palette is available on request)